We will not forget.

We will not forgive.


19.03.2015         Ukrainian Ministry of Information Policy consists of ordinary fascists.

We, CyberBerkut, continue publishing documents obtained from the computer network of the Ukrainian Ministry of Information Policy.

The documents that we have recently released contained the analysis of the situation in Mariupol prepared by Ukrainian social psychologist and writer Oleg Pokalchuk. This person is also famous for writing many articles about the Third Reich heraldry. He also appealed to the rehabilitation of the swastika.

The analysis of the Ministry documents that we have gained after CyberBerkut had defeated the "Information Forces of Ukraine" showed that the worship the Nazi symbols and ideas is an everyday occurrence among the Ukrainian heirs of Goebbels.

The Minister of Information Policy Yuri Stets wearing the Bandera uniform. It is interesting that this person was elected by the Ukrainian president Petro Poroshenko to conquer "hearts and minds" of Donbass residents.

Of course you can call it a joke, staging or historical installation.

Here is another example of so called humor. The President’s counselor Oleg Medvedev says to Yuri Stec:

The documents we obtained say that the idolization of the Nazi ideology is not a humor of young members of the Ukrainian information forces. It is their ideology.

As an example we want to show you the letter sent by Irina Friz, the Chief of the Information Policy Department of the Presidential Administration, People’s deputy of the Poroshenko’s party, to her colleagues. Keep in mind that this lady is responsible for the information support of the current Ukrainian regime activities.

Attached analytical note called "The mentality features of the Donbass residents" shows how the junta thinks about their citizens living in the eastern part of the country. Hitler and Rosenberg certainly would like such a development of the "subhuman" theory.

The full document is available in the archive.We present the most interesting passages.

"The collective mentality of the Donbass residents varies essentially from the mentality of other inhabitants of other regions of Ukraine ...

The main characteristic of the mentality of the region residents is the existence of powerful paternalistic expectations, searches and shifting responsibility for their lives on the symbolic "father", dependence, reliance on outside help, the constant fear for their lives and their financial condition, respect for the "boss", "authority", a willingness to delegate the solutions of their own destiny to others, respect for the strength, tolerance of violence, the cult of authority ... ".

"Because of the small value of the miner's life, psychological habits of burns and wounds, low life expectancy, Donbass has a higher tolerance for violence, images of the wounded and the dead. The region even shows some kind of obsession with violence and death, as well as counter-violence and survival. Because of low complexity of production processes and the low average level of education, social backwardness, the only way to settle the productive relations in mines is moral violence of the administration in a descending line. Obscene language, humiliation and shouts are standard control methods...

High risk and the desire to survive within insufficient intelligence to understand all the risks and dangers in their lives have led to blind obedience of a miner to a boss. This obedience, originated in such community, spread to the household level, passed to social life. Uncertainty in mind leads to fear to make their own decisions, unwillingness to take responsibility for their own actions and decisions...".

"Criminal world is closely involved into the social structure of Donbass. The percentage of previously convicted population is high, and non-convicted persons can name some previously convicted persons from their circle of friends as a rule. Small production thefts, fraud of authorities, illegal business, drug traffics are not condemned by the most part of society, but rather are silently welcome ... ".

"The highest value for the population of Donbass is money. As the population of Donbass was formed with a small participation of intellectuals,spiritual and cultural values does not play any role in a life of Donbass people. Being oriented towards commodity production Donbass residents do not understand the value of non-material assets - such as knowledge, technology, particularly the humanities, and consider them as an attempt to cheat and to deceive them.. Intellectuals are not included in the regional elite groups, they are treated with contempt, salaries of such employees are very small, and the authority is zero. The only way to survive is to accumulate wealth. Demonstration of well-being is a measure of the social position…".

The document is completed by the following conclusions:

«1. Any public opinion in the Donbas is fragile. Those who support independence, one day, depending on circumstances or strength of a particular government, may consider themselves supporters of the Great Russia or Ukrainian nationalists the following day. The victory of any force cannot be called decisive.

2. The government must create in the Donbass region the image which will attract the local community: strong, unmotivated cruel, but fair which will take care of every citizen.

3. The most important things for every citizen in the Donbas are material security and protection of a life, overcoming dangers of starvation and death as well as money.

Based on the instability of values, lack of resistant moral values, we can conclude that for a long period of time Donbass will remain a favorable field for external manipulation. The stability depends on whose manipulation will be more efficient."

It does not make a sense commenting this pseudo analytical works. Everyone can make his own conclusions about this document and about purposes of its creation.

We, CyberBerkut, pay attention to the following. This text was sent by Irina Friz to Yuriy Stets, Minister of Information Policy of Ukraine, authorized by the President of Ukraine on the peaceful settlement of the conflict in the Donetsk and Lugansk regions Irina Gerashchenko and Director of the Poroshenko's television "Channel 5" Vladimir Mzhelskiy. These are the officials who determine the information policy of Ukraine in relation to the war in the Donbass. There are no comments or objections on their part, respondents did not express their own opinion. This fact shows their agreement with the document.

The authors of the analytic note are Sergey Morugin and Natalia Ishchenko. They are known as journalists and political engineers but not as scientists, psychologists or sociologists. They obviously worked out the order of the presidential administration and did what they were asked to do.

By the way now Morugin and Ishchenko under the auspices of the same Irina Gerashchenko travel around the world with the photo exhibition "Donbass: war and peace." Here Gerashchenko refers to Yuriy Stets for help in financing the project. She requests 3.5 thousand dollars a month.

This exhibition serves as "the truth about the Donbas." What is this "truth" - you might guess. The same variations on the theme of "subhuman miners with low intelligence, unsteady values, which appeals to the unmotivated violence of the authorities." After all, we recall, the exhibition curators and authors of the research flamed mentality of Donbass people are same persons.

By the way 3.5 thousand dollars can afford to organize shopping. Why is the People's Deputy Irina Gerashchenko worse miners with their desire for material independence?

In the nearest future CyberBerkut will continue to introduce the community the internal documents of the Ministry of Information Policy of Ukraine and the correspondence of senior officials of Ukraine, politicians and journalists, who show the true attitude of Kiev new elites to the people of their country.

The archives of massages you can download here:

We are CyberBerkut! We will not forget! We will not forgive!

6.03.2015         Mariupol "clean-up" operation and arrests of its residents are initiated by Ministry

of Information Policy of Ukraine.

We, CyberBerkut, continue to stay in computer networks of the Ministry of Information Policy of Ukraine. We begin to familiarize the public with the internal documents of the Ministry and its employee correspondence.

As we all know, not long time ago the Security Service of Ukraine together with Ukraine's punitive battalions have made total "clean-up" in Mariupol. According to local media, "they capture anyone who looks or says the wrong way. The snitches wander markets, go in taxis and eavesdrop on people's conversations".

For several days more than 100 people were arrested.

It’s naive to believe that this situation is at the initiative of Ukrainian troops. We, CyberBerkut, insist that the Ministry of Information Policy is the instigator of arbitrariness in the city.

It all began from the analysis of the information situation in Mariupol, which was obtained from Tatyana Popova.

The analysis which was rather the "whistle blow" was prepared by some social psychologist Oleg Pokalchuk, who reported that the city has no Ukrainian propaganda, the Greek community stands pro-Russian, the priests of the Moscow Patriarchate are subversive and so on…

After obtaining this information Tatyana Popova reacts resolutely. Soon she obtained the recommendations of the psychological operations specialist which she shared with her colleagues. She advised to "really consider" it..

Particularly, the document recommended making "Pilot Project of Military and Civil Administration" of Mariupol. We were particularly interested in these quotes:

"…Need to create a module of special operations forces in the whole range from tactical groups to the military and administrative groups (like 95th Regiment of US Special Operation Forces) and the PSYOP Battalion. …"

"…For this task need to create Mariupol network of informants in the guise of the sociological service. …

…Introduce social card of the resident of the city, under this pretext hold mass inspection of documents, factually roundup."

By a strange coincidence, on February 26 "The law on military and civil administrations" was signed by President Poroshenko. In a few days there were roundups and mass arrests in Mariupol. The city's "Pilot Project of Military and Civil Administration" has worked in full power.

And what Kiev and the Ministry of Information Policy of Ukraine can suggest to the Mariupol's people and to the South-East in general you can see from the letter from Tatyana Popova to her boss Yuri Stets.

They earnestly believe that the winning hearts and minds of Donbas residents is possible showing them "high quality cinema", including 105 series of the movie "Unknown Ukraine", "In September 1939" and "Remembering Ukrainian Insurgent Army (UPA)" and broadcasting such blockbusters as "The Unconquered" about Roman Shukhevich, "Hetman Mazepa prayer" and "Starvation 33".

There's no need to comment this. Probably, Yuri Stets, Artem Bidenko and Tatyana Popova need to do something else but not forming information policy of multinational country of Ukraine.

In the nearest future CyberBerkut will continue to familiarize the public with the internal documents of the Ministry of Information Policy and its employee correspondence.

The archives of massages you can download here:

We are CyberBerkut! We will not forget! We will not forgive!

5.03.2015     Massage for the Mass Media, our followers and supporters

We, Cyberberkut, announce that we have purposely performed scheduled arrangements and changed our domain names to increase cyber protection of our informational resources.

Now you can find us by the following links:


We ask our followers to make appropriate changes.

We are CyberBerkut! We will not forget! We will not forgive!

5.03.2015     Ukraine's Information Troops are destroyed; recruit-bot Yuri Stets has been captured

Having known that the newly formed Ministry of Information Policy of Ukraine has begun to form its own "Information Troops", we, CyberBerkut, expected to face worthy enemy who can challenge us. The first thing we did was the registration on the Information Troops server in order to get sophisticated brain-teasers and delicate information combinations.

In fact, the reality was so boring that we had no choice but hack the server, "capture" all naive internet users who wished to be Kiev bots and stop this disgrace. As it was expected, the bot "army" was led by Minister Yuri Stets.

First task of recruit Yuri Stets

The Information Troops headquarters suggested pelting recruit with its instructions. Only on February 26 poor Minister already received 4 letters.

Yuri Stets as all others, who joined the Internet Troops, was confused by these instructions. Emerging issues Yuri broadcasted to his deputies. A little discussion between Tatyana Popova and Artem Bidenko took place. Popova cursed and threatened with demarches.

(Galushko is a colonel, the head of the Department of Information Technology of the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine, "Crus-Crus" also known as Alexander Baraboshko, - is a well-known blogger and Adviser to the Minister Stets).

The next day the conversation was recovered. Tatyana Popova still threatened to quit the project.

It’s not the first discussion of Popova and Bidenko by the way. Here are the debates about "white" and "black" propaganda and how to conduct the project "Informational Troops" in general.

We, CyberBerkut, are fully agreed with the opinion of Deputy Minister of Information Policy Tatyana Popova who considers the Information Troops of Ukraine as "disgrace"!

Captured "Kiev trolls" including recruit Yuri Stets, actively cooperate and give testimony. That's why we, CyberBerkut, being inside of the Ministry of Information Policy of Ukraine information networks announce about the beginning of a long-term project for the disclosure of internal documents of ministers and official correspondence of its employees – the followers of Joseph Goebbels. It will be very instructive!

The archives of massages you can download here:

We are CyberBerkut! We will not forget! We will not forgive!

27.02.2015                       USA tries to convince Paris to send weapons to Ukraine

these weapons will be used by the "volunteers" from Private Military Companies

We, CyberBerkut, have gained access to the files on the mobile device of the Green Group PMC official who recently visited Kiev as a member of American military delegation.
These documents prove that the USA doesn't refuse the idea of sending lethal weapons to Kiev, although Washington would be glad to draw support from their European allies. However, if the decision about weapons' supply will be made, in order to pre-engage their obstinate partners who are disquiet about the safety of their weapons, Washington suggests to entrust it to its' experienced specialists from Western private military companies, which "of course" will come to fight against Donbas "voluntarily".

The letter of the Green Group PMC Executive Director to the Ukrainian Armed Forces' Chief of Staff Muzhenko.

Here are some other documents confirming systematical visits of the Green Group representatives to Kiev

And here's a story about the Green Group Company

The list of the Green Group representatives who visited Ukraine

Other documents of the Green Group's official you can download here:
Documents of the Green Group's official
Documents of the Green Group's official (copy)
Documents of the Green Group's official (copy)

We are CyberBerkut! We will not forget! We will not forgive!

28.01.2015 CyberBerkut gained access to Ukrainian Military Attorney’s PC

In the Southeast the Armed Forces of Ukraine are defeated again. The adventurous attack of the Ukrainian forces in Donetsk was interrupted and totally wrecked by the militia. A huge group of the Ukrainian troops got into a trap near Debaltsevo. And it can be eliminated soon.

The price of "the Blitzkrieg" is heavy: during two last weeks the Armed Forces of Ukraine have lost 1100 soldiers, above 100 tanks. Dozens of soldiers and officers have been captured by the guardians of Donbass. Now these scary numbers are the greatest secrets of the Kiev junta. The leadership of the National Security and Defense Council, the Ministry of Defense and the President Poroshenko spare no efforts to convince public opinion of Ukraine that “there are no casualties”, “enemy is defeated”, and “thousands of terrorists are eliminated”.

But the reality is different: the forces are demoralized and surrender, there are no reserves, mobilization makes no progress, and conscripts run away to Russia and to the West. The leadership of the so-called Antiterrorist Operation is in panic, it makes crazy orders, forms anti-retreat forces in a rear, send unskilled recruits to attack highly-trained militia’s defense. At the same time criminal commanders are first to run from the battlefield and prosecutors make for themselves certificates of warfare participants and get benefits for it. Moreover, the population of the nearby combat territories suffers from deserters and looters, maniacs and murderers wearing uniform of the Ukrainian Armed Forces!

The order of Lieutenant-General S.N. Popko, the first deputy head of the Antiterrorist center at the Ukrainian Security Council (the Commander of the ATO in the Donetsk and Lugansk regions).

The report of Ukraine's Deputy Prosecutor-General – Chief military prosecutor A. Matios about illegal traffic of arms and ammunition from the Antiterrorist Operation by Ukrainian Armed Forces.

The document is about homicide investigations of civilian people by Ukrainian army.

The list of military deserters.
The list of military deserters

The document unveils the action plan of the General Staff of Ukraine to stabilize moral and psychological condition of Ukrainian soldiers on the eve of the active phase of the Antiterrorist Operation.

The page of the secret document is about the date of the fourth wave of mobilization in Ukraine.

The list of military prosecutors of Ukraine who arrived in the area of ATO as combatants.

The telegram to the Commander of the National Guard of Ukraine which contains facts of criminal infringements by Ukrainian soldiers.
Text of the telegram

We, CyberBerkut, continue the monitoring of other criminal organizations, which unleashed civil war in Ukraine. To be continued…

We are CyberBerkut! We will not forget! We will not forgive!

7.01.2015 CyberBerkut has blocked German Chancellor and the Bundestag's websites.


The Ukrainian government wants to review national budget by the 15 of February, 2015. The Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk hopes to obtain multi-billion credits from the EU and the IMF. It is obvious how this money will be wasted. Yatsenyuk needs money to extend the war and not to restore collapsed infrastructure of our country.This war has already taken thousands of lives, and Yatsenyuk will kill more for your money!

That's why we appeal all people and government of Germany to stop financial and political support of criminal regime in Kiev, which unleashed a bloody civil war.

We are CyberBerkut! We will not forget! We will not forgive!


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