We will not forget.

We will not forgive.


09.04.2014 Strike back!

CyberBerkut takes vengeance on American private military companies
Private military companies have shed the blood of Ukrainian people! Thugs from American private military company Greystone Limited in the uniform of Ukrainian police participated in so-called anti-terrorist operation in Eastern Ukraine. They were beating and humiliating Ukrainian people. People who do not want to be ruled by thieves and traitors that seized power in Kiev.
We are not going to forgive this!
Ukrainian people will be avenged!
Today we've defaced Triple Canopy and Tidewater Global Services private military companies
We've also conducted a successful DDoS-attack on Greystone Limited and Academi – the former Blackwater PMC.
And it's only a beginning!
We are CyberBerkut! We will protect our country!

09.04.2014 American secret services are afraid of us!

We, CyberBerkut, bring to our adherents' notice that on April, 7, our American friends of the illegitimate government in Kiev have blocked our page in Facebook and on April, 8, our site server has been disconnected.
They explained their actions by our "extremist type" activity.
This is another lie but we were ready. Here is freedom of speech. We are even satisfied – our activity stu ck in their craw.
And we accept the challenge! NATO has already known us and the "democratic" USA will know us soon better.
As you see our site is on. And we won't be killed in social networks. Our new page in Facebook

08.04.2014 CyberBerkut addresses to the Ukrainian President Viktor F. Yanukovitsch!

Today the people in the South-East of Ukraine rose for the resolute fight against the oligarchs who perfidiously seized the power in our country, against corrupt politicians, outrage bandits and we, CyberBerkut, address to the Ukrainian President Viktor F. Yanukovitsch!
We want you to know there is absolute outrage in your country as well at the governmental cabinets and in the streets. The marginal group in Kiev divides power by "presidential elections" and enters into an agreement process with IMF. By such actions our country will economically depend on the West for decades . We want you know that if you had took more resolute measures in time and hadn't escaped the country, this entire situation in the country wouldn't be happened.
How long do you plan staying in Russia? Do you really think that you could live the rest of your life like a successful businessman? But we want you to know that you will be the Escaped President for everybody forever. The President who saved himself and forgot about those who died for you. You deserted your people without rights and protection and the oligarchs, neo-Nazis and Euro-American politicians who continue violence in Ukraine.
But you can stop this lawlessness. You must come back to our country in Donetsk or Kharkiv where you'll be in safety and perform your duty to the people. So called legitimacy of the junta in Kiev will burst like a soap-bubble because Ukraine will have the constitutional President! Your return will boost the holding of the nationwide referendum and destroy the preparing elections in Kiev!
You have grandsons. What will you answer their questions? Why do they live in exile and can't repatriate? What did you do to prevent poverty, chaos and fascist march in your country? Do you not really care that they will be shamed of their surname "Yanukovitsch"?
We call you to return and officially give power those who are trusted by people's fate.

We are CyberBerkut!

We will protect our country from traitors and neo-fascists!

07.04.2014 CyberBerkut blocks the lying media

We, CyberBerkut, continue our fighting against the anti-national Kiev regime.
New government which seized power by neo-Nazis took the road of the lie to get the legitimate status and an approval of the EU and the USA. In order to hide the killing of special squad soldiers and their own Right Sector members they blamed Berkut soldiers by their media. Puppeteers from the West applaud to their capable pupils. To do anything by proxy is so American! This is a true democracy! They don't care about people blood and sorrow, geopolitical success is above all. They even told the EU to go to hell. The henchmen of the West are ready to do anything including lying to the people by mass media. We've been blocking anti-national media, sites and other resources for many times already in order to prevent them.
Today CyberBerkut as we promised earlier continues his attack at TV channels of Kolomoisky and Firtash who make their market of the people's sorrow.

  • www.1plus1.ua
  • www.inter.ua
We say "NO" to lies on the air!

We are CyberBerkut! We will not forget. We will not forgive.

04.04.2014 CyberBerkut blocks the sites of General Prosecutor's Office and M.I.A. of Ukraine

We, CyberBerkut, demand from so called Minister of M.I.A. Avakov and Prosecutor General Makhnitsky to free immediately the Kiev Berkut soldiers arrested for shooting adherents of Euromaidan.
The traitors heading the Kiev junta laid the blame on the innocent Berkut soldiers.
They decided to cover blood crimes of Avakov, Nalivaychenko, Parubiy implemented direct instructions of their American masters, ordering to shoot the people cruelly.
You will be responsible for all! We will not permit accusing innocent people for your crimes!
The shed blood of Euromaidan is on your hands!
We address to the security combat services employees asking to support your colleagues and to not execute lawlessness and blood orders of the so called new power.
And Parubiy, Nalivaychenko with his right hand Yarosh, Avakov, American stooges Yatsenyuk, Klichko, Tyagnibok and Timoshenko accused for the blood scenario in February will be brought to the People's Court!
Today we blocked the sites of M.I.A. and General Prosecutor's Office of Ukraine in the capacity of warning!

  • http://mvs.gov.ua/
  • http://gp.gov.ua/
It is not over! The justice will be administered!

We are CyberBerkut! We will not forget! We will not forgive!

02.04.2014 The Ukrainian oligarch resources

CyberBerkut blocks the Ukrainian oligarch information resources
Following our allies' requests we, CyberBerkut, start to attack the information resources of the Kiev junta oligarchs.
Today at 11:00 am we blocked the following sites:
http://privatbank.lv/ - Latvian PrivatBank branch of Igor Kolomoisky
http://comments.ua/ - news portal Kommentarii of Sergey Taruta
Remember moneybags! The blood of people killed during Euromaidan is on your hands
It is only beginning! Expect!

01.04.2014 DDoS

We, CyberBerkut, today at 11:00 am are going blocking the following anti-national sites:

  • http://ukrpolitforum.com/
  • http://kharkovforum.ua/‎
  • http://tymoshenko.ua/‎

24.03.2014 Timoshenko, the Russians in Ukraine and atomic weapon

We introduce as promised another interesting phone conversation.
The phone conversation between Shoofrich and Timoshenko. March 18, 2014 at 11:17 pm.

24.03.2014 DDoS

We, CyberBerkut, are blocking today the following sites:

  • http://una-unso.in.ua/
  • http://cun.org.ua/‎

At the same time we are blocking up to 120 phones work of the neo-Nazi participants in Ukraine.

22.03.2014 How the USA organized the brown revolution in Ukraine

The correspondence between the Ukrainian NGOs, the U.S. embassy and American funds had been hacked.
We, CyberBerkut, as promised continue our exposures of the Ukrainian traitors. Today we present the hacked e-mail correspondence of Eduard Egorov – the chairman of the board at the non-governmental organization "Educational Center of Human Rights", which took part in the recent months' events.
The correspondence shows that the National Endowment for Democracy which is given money by the U.S. Congress directly and promotes "the American democracy" around the world was responsible for immediate funding of the revolution process in Ukraine.
And the department of press, education and culture of the U.S. embassy as it turned out was responsible for the Ukrainian traitors' efforts coordination in Maidan. It's funny that even the education and culture department in the American embassy is occupied with planting of "the brown plague" in Ukraine, isn't it?
We urgently recommend everybody to make a careful study of these downloaded documents. They demonstrate the support schemes and coup d'état funding in Ukraine.
Here are the links on archives:

Interesting selection
Entire correspondence

As you can see the NGO traitors are ready to do anything even to sell their Motherland in order to get newly printed money from the ocean. Read how these Judas report back to their master on the work they had done.

Here is the part of the traitors and their adherents' list:

Boris Kudar, Eduard Egorov, Vladimir Trandafil, Sergey Averkov, Yuriy Chudnovsky, W. Michael Davis, Alexandr Sidorenko, Andrey Yuzvenko, Alicia Wondoloski, Benjamin Morano, Yuriy Didula, Sergey Suhoboychenko, Viacheslav Golovchenko, Nicolay Vorobev, Anton Chernysh, Oleg Konotoptsev, Zinaida Glushko, Taras Plakhtiy, Konstantin Zayats, Vyacheslav Konovalov, Anastasiya Konstantinovs`ka, Aleks Fom, Vladimr Volikov, Artem Reshetilov, Roman Huzyakhmetov, Jennifer Lynn Viau, Andrey Eremenko, Vadim Melnikov, Tatyana Podobinskaia-Shtyk, Vitaliy Makarenko, Yuriy Koss, Aleksey Pilipchuk, Helena Zhadko, Nicolay Mokrik, Katerina Avramchuk, Kristina Shira, Anastasiya Zhukova, Mihail Chukhno, Vladimir Moroz, Yuriy Bogdanov, Tatyana Barabolikova, Victoria Kuziva, Yuliya Fedorova, Anna Lopushanska, Ekaterina Sorochenko, Andrey Ozhishchenko, Mark Borzenkov, Lyudmila Zlobina, Ekaterina Ponomarenko, Irina Paleta, Vladimir Rogozhin, Helena Bershtein, Joanna Rohozinska, Yuliya Gonchar, Irina Taran, Natalia Zabrots`ka, Andrey Yuzvenko, Agnieszka Gmys-Wiktor, Olga Litvin, Jacek Gralczyk, Valeriy Bezushko, Anna Tkach, Roman Basaliga, Vladimir Panchenko, Irina Patronik, Dmitriy Batyuk, Kirill Stremousov, Maria Gudovanaya, Elena Kovtun, Olga Briga, Nadezhda Rakitina, Sergey Reshetov, Irina Los`, David Meilfant, Diana Epshtein, Tatyana Baeva, V. Salamatov, Svetlana Salamatova.

And here the letter fragment is:

Traitors of the Motherland, we continue our activity to exposу your crimes! You have a time to do penance for your sins to the Ukrainian people.

We are CyberBerkut! We will not forget! We will not forgive!

http://www.mediafire.com/download/q6r5moyhe2j648n/[email protected]

19.03.2014 CyberBerkut blocked the National Guard phones!

Today we, CyberBerkut, blocked at 7:00 am phones of neo-Nazis and radicals who took part in so called recruitment into the National Guard of Ukraine. We are against Bandera's bastards in our towns!

19.03.2014 DDoS

CyberBerkut blocks the lying media!

We, CyberBerkut, are blocking today the following sites:

  • http://silaslova.zp.ua/

18.03.2014 DDoS

We, CyberBerkut, continue our fighting against the Ukrainian traitors. Today we blocked the illegal NSDC secretary of Ukraine Andrey Parubiy – the former Maidan gang chieftain.

  • http://www.parubiy.org/

17.03.2014 DDoS

CyberBerkut blocks the lying media!

We, CyberBerkut, are blocking today the following sites:

  • http://rivne.fm/
  • http://uju.rv.ua/
  • http://zik.com.ua/

17.03.2014 Attention! Fake CyberBerkut groups appeared in the Internet!

We, CyberBerkut, consider necessary to warn our adherents.
In social networks appear groups using our name and symbols. These groups bear no relation to us and are created by provocateurs and shindlers.
We, CyberBerkut, consider it to be our duty to warn you that we lay exclusively all our information in our official site http://www.cyber-berkut.net and in Facebook, Twitter, Vkontakte:

16.03.2014 DDoS

CyberBerkut blocks the lying media!
We, CyberBerkut, continue our fighting against the governmental arbitrary and fascist nationalism which are supported by unprincipled media, implementing the double standards policy and falsifying the reality. They don't have an aversion to lie openly on their pages.
So that we are blocking today the following sites:

  • http://unian.net/
  • http://ukrinform.ua/
  • http://vlasti.net/
  • http://ord-02.com/
  • http://galnet.org/

16.03.2014 CyberBerkut ceased attack on defenseless NATO resources

We, CyberBerkut, report about ceasing DDoS attack resources http://ccdcoe.org/, http://nato.int/ and http://nato-pa.int/.

Pay the European taxpayers attention on useless wasting your money on support of notorious cyber defense. If NATO can't protect its resources the personal data protection of the common Europeans is out of the question.

15.03.2014 CyberBerkut attacks NATO

We, CyberBerkut, will not permit NATO occupants' presence on the territory of our Motherland!
Following the ask of the Kiev junta a student group in Ukraine which named itself Cybersotnya (Cyberhundred) conducts its activity headed by NATO Cooperative Cyber Defence Centre of Excellence in Tallinn. Using them as a cover the West implements active propaganda activity among the Ukrainian population by mass media and social networks, blocks unbiased information sources and protect the criminals named themselves "legal power".
The whole elite of the NATO cyber leadership arrived to help idiots from Maidan (maidiots) headed by Colonel Artur Suzik.
We, CyberBerkut, would like to say to mr. Suzik: "Hurry up to come home and save your cyber center. And we urgently recommend changing the password on your PC".
We, CyberBerkut, announce that today at 6:00 pm we started attacking NATO resources:

  • http://ccdcoe.org
  • http://nato.int
  • http://nato-pa.int
We address to NATO cyber bandits: "Get out from the Ukrainian land!"

14.03.2014 DDoS

Today since 12 pm we've been implementing a DDoS attack against the media who sold itself to Right Sector

  • http://litsa.com.ua
  • http://viche.lutsk.ua

13.03.2014 No comments

A document of the UDAR party in Lviv. No comments.

13.03.2014 The e-mails of the UDAR and Bat'kivschina parties have been hacked

We, CyberBerkut, as the most people of Ukraine do not agree with the policy of the self-styled reigns headed by the Right Sector radicals. Some named themselves the Prime Minister, the Acting President, the others even dream of the President's office. But in real life they are political traitors performing shady dealings following their private interests. Even today they remove from the political arena probable rivals and soon they will bite each other's head off.
We don't agree with such situation and will fight against this by any ways, against these "people leaders" and their pocket parties. We've hacked the e-mails of the UDAR party in Lviv, Lugansk, Khmel'nitsk, Donetsk and of the Bat'kivschina party in Lugansk. There are many interesting documents in it for the Ukrainian community. We were promised the most honest elections in the Ukrainian history however pay your attention to one of the UDAR documents. They do trolling but it is cheating indeed! And after these elections they will forget about people interests at all. They will feed oligarchs and Right Sector who gave them power.

Here are the links:


13.03.2014 DDoS

We confirm that the DDoS attack against the media

  • http://expres.ua
  • http://sfera-tv.com.ua
  • http://strelaua.com

who sold itself to radicals is in progress. The sites are offline since 4 pm 14/3/12. The attack against mobile phones still goes on.

12.03.2014 DDoS

Today since 4 pm we began the DDoS attack on the media who sold itself to Right Sector:

  • http://expres.ua
  • http://sfera-tv.com.ua
  • http://strelaua.com

At the same time we block up to 800 phones of neo-Nazis in Ukraine.

12.03.2014 To bander-logs

We address to you, remaining Nazis and people had been made fool and zombie by them, on the subject of your mud on our page.
Firstly. It is obvious how you are uneducated and illiterate, to say nothing of your culture absence. You deserve your name "bandEr-logs"! Animals like you should be in Europe indeed. The have a lot of zoos.
Secondly. If you bark at us, it means we are on the right way. The dogs bark, but the caravan goes on! We don't see and hear you anymore, only smash!

08.03.2014 Citizens of Ukraine!

CyberBerkut addresses to people who cares about the situation in our Motherland. Who understands appeared neo-Nazis, nationalists, Russophobes and anti-Semites must be punished for the crimes!
We ask you sending information about radicals' crimes by a private message on our page in Facebook. We are interested in crimes facts, surnames and names of criminals, e-mails and phone numbers. Vermin must and will be punished!

07.03.2014 To the illegitimate NSDC from CyberBerkut

We remind you, illegal NSDC employees, that we will fight against your crime Nazi gang and lawlessness activity!
We demand to free immediately the people's governor of Donetsk Pavel Gubarev!
We address to law enforcement officers – do not collaborate with criminals!

06.03.2014 Our regards to Yatsenyuk and Timoshenko!

We, CyberBerkut, announce that political traitors who seized power in Kiev by the neo-fascist takeover went way too far in their treachery today. We learnt the new regime does everything for our country to be occupied by NATO troops, U.S. private military companies and to become U.S anti-missile defense deployment area. They must haven't heard us but we were ready. Yatsenyuk and Timoshenko, did you like the phone conversation record between the Estonian Minister of Foreign Affairs and Catherine Ashton? Be ready for much bigger surprises!
We, CyberBerkut announce that we interrupted the countdown and passed from words to deeds due to sharp deterioration of the socio-political situation in Ukraine, gross violations of the Constitution, country laws and the inalienable rights and freedoms of citizens.
You, Yatsenyuk, Klichko, Tyagnibok and conditional early discharged Timoshenko, lost your chance and would be given no quarter. You had an opportunity saving yourself and preventing the tragedy extension in Ukraine, but you wanted to hide from your people behind NATO soldiers' backs. We, CyberBerkut, won't permit you to do so. We will help Ukraine to save the independent from the Western aggression which is ready to protect the neo-fascist government.
We've blocked the sites:

  • http://banderivets.org.ua/
  • http://helpmaidan.org.ua/
  • http://maidanhelp.com.ua/
  • http://maidansupport.com/
  • http://tavrijci.org/
  • http://samooboronaua.org/
  • http://qha.com.ua/
  • http://rada.gov.ua/
  • http://kmu.gov.ua/
  • http://article20.org/
  • http://gordonua.com/
  • http://tyzhden.ua/
  • http://hromadske.tv/
  • http://ua-ru.info/

We are going to block main resources spreading fascist and nationalist propaganda. Today they are:

  • http://rnbo.gov.ua/
  • http://tsn.ua/
  • http://aktsent.com.ua/
  • http://nashkiev.ua/
  • http://i.ua/

During the last week we've been blocking permanently fascist group coordinators' phones trying to prevent violence escalation in Ukraine. Today we are going blocking more than 700 phones of the junta members, fascist group coordinators and other takeover participants.

We are CyberBerkut! We will not forget. We will not forgive.


The people of Ukraine!

Today our capital is occupied by fascists! Corrupted politics use them to seize power in country by any way. They also use those who still believe in fairy tales about happy and carefree life in Europe. All these Yatsenyuks and Klichkos don't think about ordinary people and are not going to do their life better. While the "revolutionary masses" wait for manna from new rulers at Rada, the crowds of thugs in helmets run riot in captured towns and on the roads, where they kill and rob. Shrewd masters told them about Bandera but forgot to tell about his end and the end of his adherents. They want to build the Great Ukraine in assistance of evil. But evil had been and will be punished! They know it and that's why hide their faces behind masks. But it won't save them! Today, while they celebrate their pseudo victory and loot in the captured towns, we, CyberBerkut, declare Right Sector outside the law! We declare hunting of neo-fascist criminals! They have no chance of escaping the punishment! Every will be responsible for their deeds! CyberBerkut will be hunting for fascist riffraff till their extermination like the inflexible Berkut have been staying till the end! Today we began to hack sites in order to shut the media lie up! We declare that we will defend Ukraine and save its history and the future of its people!!!

  • http://shtefuriak.com.ua/
  • http://lustration.org.ua/
  • http://kiomag.net/
  • http://mb-kurier.com.ua/
  • http://avers.cv.ua/
  • http://samish.com.ua/
  • http://andinna.com.ua/
  • http://hotel-leoton.com.ua/
  • http://lounge-bar-prime.com/
  • http://karpatzirka.com.ua/
  • http://tay-sen.com.ua/
  • http://boris.cv.ua/
  • http://orion.cv.ua/
  • http://tudan-auto.cv.ua/
  • http://eraled.com.ua/
  • http://gluharei.net/
  • http://proggroup.com.ua/
  • http://ckbk.com.ua/
  • http://dh.cv.ua/
  • http://vasha-bezpeka.cv.ua/
  • http://tutelarix.com/
  • http://karate-do.com.ua/
  • http://aktoriya.com/
  • http://golossokal.com.ua/
  • http://gytja.com/
  • http://instrumbud.com/
  • http://narodnasprava.com/
  • http://shackijkraj.com/
  • http://tutbud.com/
  • http://tutlife.com/
  • http://vbusk.com/
  • http://vulyk.info/
  • http://vzhovkvi.com/
  • http://zhovkivchanka.com/
  • http://batkivshina-kiev.com.ua/
  • http://miroshnychenko.ua/
  • http://vmu.ssu.gov.ua/
  • http://bilshe.info/
  • http://gentnews.com/
  • http://british-express.net/
  • http://donbas.net/
  • http://trost-rada.org.ua/
  • http://uzinform.org.ua/
  • http://uzinform.com.ua/
  • http://visti.if.ua/
  • http://viche.rv.ua/
  • http://zunr.net/
  • http://zunr.info/
  • http://expres.rv.ua/
  • http://panorama.biz.ua/
  • http://kyokushinkay.od.ua/
  • http://odessafrb.od.ua/
  • http://sdam.co.ua/
  • http://obljust.rv.ua/
  • http://sfera-tv.com.ua/
  • http://pilon.rv.ua/
  • http://avtovokzal-kiev.ua/
  • http://kassa.net.ua/
  • http://reisy.com.ua/
  • http://versii.net/
  • http://kv.com.ua/
  • http://tachki.ua/
  • http://1tovar.com/
  • http://odessa-life.od.ua/
  • http://highway.ua/
  • http://foros.tneu.edu.ua/
  • http://rovenkismi.com.ua/
  • http://1-12.org.ua/
  • http://5ek.com.ua/
  • http://apologet.kiev.ua/
  • http://bestlink.net.ua/
  • http://chigirinzapovidnyk.org.ua/
  • http://dssz.gov.ua/
  • http://eap-csf.org.ua/
  • http://edu-mns.org.ua/
  • http://electrol.lviv.ua/
  • http://hankevych.lviv.ua/
  • http://itstep.lviv.ua/
  • http://jcc.org.ua/
  • http://kbp.co.ua/
  • http://kda.org.ua/
  • http://khotkevych.org/
  • http://kotelyak.com.ua/
  • http://kp-osvita.org.ua/
  • http://medkol.cv.ua/
  • http://miskrada.sokal.lviv.ua/
  • http://monastyr.kiev.ua/
  • http://npf-dnister.com/
  • http://odkb.dp.ua/
  • http://partner-visa.com.ua/
  • http://perejaslav.km.ua/
  • http://phrases.org.ua/
  • http://portfinvestment.com/
  • http://rivne-cerkva.rv.ua/
  • http://sokal-rda.gov.ua/
  • http://teplointeh.com.ua/
  • http://upa.in.ua/
  • http://vidomosti.kiev.ua/
  • http://vw.lviv.ua/
  • http://wsfiz.in.ua/
  • http://vinnitsa.info/
  • http://zhitomir.info/
  • http://nuczu.edu.ua/
We are CyberBerkut! We will not forget! We will not forgive!


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