We will not forget.

We will not forgive.


25.08.2015                         Kiev plans to breakdown elections in Donbas

We, CyberBerkut, still operate in computer networks of Kiev junta.

This time we’ve obtained the document disclosing the content of Ukrainian authorities' criminal decisions about the people of Donbas. Being in Berlin president Poroshenko convinces Angela Merkel and Francois Hollande to his commitment to the Minsk Agreements, meanwhile all efforts made by Kiev are aimed at the breakdown of October local election in self-proclaimed republics.

Here you can see the official letter of the Secretary of National Security and Defense Alexander Turchynov to the Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk.

We are CyberBerkut! We will not forget! We will not forgive!

18.08.2015                         CyberBerkut has cleaned nationalist armed gangs in Internet

The West still doesn’t want to admit the nationalist essence of the new Ukrainian government. However, the latest events show us that Ukrainian nationalism not only exists, but prospers. So, the S. Bandera’s followers "the Ukrainian National Assembly" presume themselves to decide who is persona non grata in our country. So the Ministry of Foreign Affairs obeys their will and forbids Nino Burjanadze to enter Ukraine.

Radical nationalists became not just equal members of Ukrainian establishment. Today they can fight political struggle using their fists. So how can we explain police officers’ inactivity during the attack of office of "The Opposition bloc" in Kharkov? It is miracle that riotous disturbances haven’t led to casualties among people passing by! Moreover "The Opposition bloc" is a legal party and it reflects views of many Ukrainians.

It’s obvious that the officials can’t stand up for themselves. As a result, fascist mechanism rebirths into armed gangs. Last week "The Right Sector" activists had beaten 3 patrol officers. That’s the evidence of how nationalists feel their impunity.

And our government supports such "patriotic" extremists. It’s no more surprise that the nationalists get pretty brazen so fast. For example "The Right Sector" aboveboard covers six wanted participants of Mukacheve’s skirmish. Meanwhile the Ministry of Internal Affairs continues to carry on a dialogue with these bandits’ allies.

The government still misrepresents criminals for "nation color" and Motherland’s defenders. The authorities don’t care that these "heroes" endanger the safety of civilians. Instead of real crime prevention, the officials just imitate investigations and transfer criminals from one gang to another. We can’t exclude the participation of regular gunmen of the company "Tornado" in barbarities of their commander. In spite of this, many of them had already joined "Mirotvorec" ("The Peacekeeper") regiment and still bear arms.

While the officials do nothing, we, CyberBerkut, continue to fight with Nazism and gangs on "Internet". Today we’ve blocked several fascist resources.


Punishers and traitors can’t be heroes!

We are CyberBerkut! We will not forget! We will not forgive!

09.07.2015                                                   MinStets opposes freedom of speech

We, CyberBerkut, continue publishing documents obtained from the computer networks of the Ukrainian Ministry of Information Policy.

Once again we can see that the activity of this Ministry is aimed at the injunction of freedom of speech. Ministry Yuri Stets with his agitators try to conceal the truth from the citizens and the international community, cheat them and justify crimes of Kiev’s regime. Their main enemy is every journalist who tries to understand the situation and show it from all sides. That’s why the best way to fight these enemies is to forbid the access way to the country or deprive accreditation and deport from the country.

Today we publish documents which clearly show what the MIPU thinks about freedom of speech.

Download archive the documents

Here we can see some directions for Ukrainian servicemen obtained from one of the MinStets’ hard disks. It has several actions of how to find journalists who are interested in “antiukrainian information activity”. The document impresses by its detailed description. It’s ridiculous but if you have a laptop, a memory card, a camera or other “gadgets” your entry into Ukraine may be simply denied.

And remember! It’s not only about Russian journalists, but also about journalists from other countries.

Download the document

Besides, we have the list of mass media agencies’ employees made by SBU, who cannot have the accreditation. Deputy Minister of Information Policy Tatyana Popova in her e-letter said that “the list is not for mass media” and “its publishing is forbidden”. And it’s clear. The list is abundant and it looks strange even for agitators from the MIPU. Tatyana Popova admits that “SBU overdid a little” for you can see some Russian liberal agencies such as “Kommersant”, “Vedomosti”, and some western media giants ­ “BBC” Russian service and “Voice of America”. How come they haven’t pleased Kiev?

Download the document

Along with that, the Ministry of Information Policy of Ukraine supports pseudo-news media, which are watched by Ukrainian intelligence agencies.

For example, project “InformNapalm” holds oneself as “volunteer”. But according to Tatyana’s e-message to Artem Bidenko, this is a project of “some people from the Ukrainian Defence Ministry, whose cover can’t be blown”.

We, CyberBerkut, announce that Ukraine is still far removed from ideals of freedom and democracy. Current Kiev officials afraid of journalists, and seek ways to stop their activity. It’s confirmed by the documents of the MIPU. Ukrainian regime manipulates public opinion, brainwashes citizens and forbides them to obtain the information from other sources. Any “wrong views” are subject to persecution and the ban.

We are CyberBerkut! We will not forget! We will not forgive!

02.07.2015               The Prosecutor's Office of Ukraine can't cope with lawlessness

of the security forces and "volunteer" battalions.

We, CyberBerkut, continue to monitor the computer networks of the Armed Forces, National Guard and the Prosecutor's Office of Ukraine.

Today at our disposal proved to be the official documents confirming the fact that the so-called "Volunteer" battalions completely beyond the control of Kiev. In fact, they have turned to organized crime groups, who rob and kill their own people. During the punitive operation, they are so accustomed to impunity and permissiveness that feel above the law and commandments of God.

The number of crimes committed by the "defenders of a unified Ukraine" can not be counted, and the authorities can no longer turn a blind eye and pretend that nothing is happening. As we can see from the documents, there are information not only about the bandit company "Tornado" and the battalion "Aydar" whom excesses are already known to all, but also about other "volunteer" battalions, as well as regular units of the Armed Forces and the Security Service of Ukraine. All these crimes, which number are actually much more, will require many years of investigations.

Thus, according to the report of the Military Prosecutor of the Southern region of Ukraine P. Bogutskiy only in the Luhansk region recently was committed more than 200 crimes by the servicemen of the battalions. A brief description of their "exploits" takes as many as 80 pages.

Download the document

Here are just a few examples of criminal activity of the punishers, otherwise they can not be named.

Thus, according to the materials of the criminal case the bandits of the "Aydar" battalion made armed assault on the deputy of Lugansk Regional Council S. Devizorov, they stole his car and other property. Investigators found the Devizorov in the trunk of one of his cars.

Fighters of the "Lviv" battalion have killed resident of Severodonetsk town Alexander Lebedynets.

Now it's not uncommon armed clashes between "volunteer" formations and units of the National Guard. The commander of the military baze 3024 of National Guard seeks to award its troops who had detained militants of "Aydar" battalion.

Download the document

Here is another interesting document, now dealing with "Azov" battalion.

The deputy chief of the Eastern operational and territorial associations of National Guard working with staff V.Pilipenko reports that the commanders of "Azov" does not comply with, and sometimes deliberately ignored the orders to management of the National Guard.

Download the document

Security Service of Ukraine also actively engaged in criminal activity. Whether on its own initiative or at the secret instructions guide they kidnap people who disliked the regime. Appropriate treatment of citizens asked to verify the deputy military prosecutor of the Southern region of Ukraine K.Ignatov.

Download the document

All materials on crimes committed by personnel of "volunteer" battalions can be found here:


You can find all documents, including reflecting the level of discipline and order in the Armed Forces of Ukraine and National Guard by downloading archive link:

Download the archive

We are CyberBerkut! We will not forget! We will not forgive!

04.06.2015             USA suppress the facts of the violation of the Minsk agreements by Kiev

We, Cyber Berkut, keep on our presence in the computer networks of Kiev junta.

This time we have hacked an e-mail of Major General A. Taran, who works as an head expert in the Common center of cease-fire control and coordination. In his letters we have found satellite images, which show multiple violations of the Minsk agreements by Kiev regime. Namely, we are talking about withdrawal of heavy weaponry farther from the contact line in the conflict area.

Here is the screenshot of Taran’s letter sent from the Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. It also contains an embedded letter of US embassy employee T.Podobinska-Shtyk.

original letter

Thereby, it is getting clear that the West and Kiev are informed about all violations and intentionally suppress there facts.

The letter also contains satellite photographs which identify the location of large-calibre artillery in close proximity to the borders of uncontrolled by Kiev areas.

1. Near human settlement Katerynivka there are positions of three 100 mm-field artillery guns

The distance to the contact line is 18 km

2. Near human settlement Azov-Kil’tse there are four 122 mm- towed howitzer "D-30"

The distance to the contact line is 10 km

3. Near human settlement Tarasivka there are three field artillery guns on fire positions.

The distance to the contact line is 13 km

4. Near human settlement Kurdyumivka there are two 152 mm self-propelled howitzers "Giatsint-S"

The distance to the contact line is 6 km

5. Near human settlement Halytsynivka there are six 122 mm self-propelled howitzers "Gvozdika"

The distance to the contact line is 22 km

6. Near human settlement Novoselivka there are two Multiple Rocket Launcher Systems "Grad"

The distance to the contact line is 18 km

7. Near human settlement Rybyns’ke there are two Multiple Rocket Launcher Systems "Grad"

The distance to the contact line is 20 km

8. Near human settlement Kurakhivka there is a Multiple Rocket Launcher System "Grad"

The distance to the contact line is 12 km

9. Near human settlement Mykolaivka there is one self-propelled howitzer "Gvozdika"

The distance to the contact line is 23 km

10. Near human settlement Konstantynivka there are three self-propelled howitzers "Gvozdika"

The distance to the contact line is 12 km

11. Near human settlement Novoselivka Persha there are two Multiple Rocket Launcher Systems "Grad"

The distance to the contact line is 18 km

12. Near human settlement Vidrozhennya there are two 122 mm self-propelled howitzers "Gvozdika"

The distance to the contact line is 8 km

13. Near human settlement Komyshuvakha there are three 122 mm self-propelled howitzers "Gvozdika"

The distance to the contact line is 7 km

Archive with photos
Download archive with photos

We are Cyber Berkut! We will not forget! We will not forgive!

01.06.2015     George Soros: Wanna Buy Ukraine, No Price Matters

We, Cyber Berkut, keep on our presence in the computer networks of Kiev junta. This time we have hacked Ukrainian President's Administration servers. We found confidential documents of Soros Fund among the files downloaded. They contain the strategy for Ukraine and fragments of correspondence between Petro Poroshenko and George Soros.

We have already warned of the inadmissibility of the US interference into the affairs of our country. We also repeatedly announced the unacceptability of anti-popular policy of Kiev, which turned Ukraine into the vassal of the USA.

The possessed materials urge that Soros needs Ukraine only to battle Russia. That's why he insists on delivering up-today lethal weapons by the USA and training Ukrainian soldiers abroad.

Honored and ex-high ranking military leaders – American General Wesley Clark and his Polish colleague Valdemar Skrzypczak – will advise Poroshenko how to restore the fighting capacity of Ukraine.

Soros advises to create the mirage of struggle against corruption and financial instability for Ukrainian people. Although he agrees Ukraine to be on the edge of catastrophe, its financial system is crippled, reserves are exhausted and Hryvnia is backed by nothing.

For the purpose of struggle against Russia Soros insists on €1 billion annually aid for Kiev junta delivered by European countries despite their own interests. What would European tax-payers say about such expenditures on Kiev junta?

Soros Fund Strategy for New Ukraine
Military Aid for Kiev Document
Soros's Letter to Poroshenko

Besides according to Ukrainian Foreign Policy Research Institute which documents were also in Poroshenko's network, Soros is one of top-10 Ukraine lobbyists. So you can see the musters of the current Ukrainian regime.

The musters of Kiev junta

See the Updates!

We are CyberBerkut! We will not forget! We will not forgive!

30.05.2015     US Special Forces are preparing sabotage in Ukraine

We, CyberBerkut, continue to control the computer networks of Ministry of Information Policy of Ukraine.

Today we obtained information that the Head of the Department of Special Operations Coordination Center of the United States European Command will arrive to Kiev from Stuttgart within the next few days with the group of the US military psychological warfare experts.

The group together with the Ukrainian specialists entrusted with the tasks of the organizing and carrying out acts of information sabotage against the self-proclaimed republics of Donbass and the Russian-speaking population of Ukraine.

Ms. Tatyana Popova, Deputy Minister of Information Policy will be responsible for coordinating the activities of American commandos and Ukrainian propagandists.

We, CyberBerkut, call on citizens to be vigilant! Your beliefs and Faith are under the gun!

We are CyberBerkut! We will not forget! We will not forgive!

20.03.2015     Ukrainian Journalist: We Killed 10 Citizens Accidentally

We, CyberBerkut, keep publishing gained documents from the computer network of the Ministry of Information Policy of Ukraine (MIPU).

We published recently materials showing the true face of the Kiev regime not only wearing the Nazi uniform but also adopting far right nationalist ideology.

Today we publish correspondence of the famous Ukrainian journalist, human rights activist, co-founder of the "Hromadske TV" company Natalia Gumenyuk and Ukrainian people’s deputy Irina Lutsenko (wife of the Poroshenko’s party leader Yuri Lutsenko).

We've found in these messages the same level of spite and hate to compatriots in the East like in the previously published documents of the MIPU and the Presidential Administration of Ukraine.

Many recommendations of Natalia Gumenyuk constitute instructions sent by MIPU to internet users to wage war against Russia and Donbass. The madness level is above maximum.

Here are the Gumenyuk’s recommendations about the Donbass conflict situation settlement that she tries to pass to Poroshenko by Irina Lutsenko:

Full text you can find by this link. We publish the parts of it:

At the same time, things that Natalia Gumenyuk writes to Lutsenko differ from her speeches and articles.

Here’s N.Gumenyuk’s quote in an interview for Andrew Portnov: "I think that Donbass differs from the rest Ukraine the same as the Kharkov region differs from the Khmelnitsk one and so on.. If we talk about mentality, I suppose it is overstated. Yes, there are many people in Donbass who dream about the USSR but they also exist in Kiev and Chernovtsy".

Here’s another one delirium from "proposals to Poroshenko":

Another quote of N.Gumenyuk from the same interview: "Taking into account the low percent of voting European citizens Ukraine reminds that policy makes matter as well as the voice of each citizen… My Ukraine is a country where supremacy of law really exists, and human rights observance always dominates among values".

However, the activist asks the president the opposite. She needs the dictatorship:

In pro-European N.Gumenyuk’s opinion, invalids (blind, sick, idiots) and prisoners should be deprived the right to vote.

The journalist sputtering by anti-humanity ideas is unstoppable. Problems of Donbass ("the region of idiots"), populated by "biomass" give her no peace.

Biomass that cannot think itself:

N.Gumenyuk proposes concrete measures to "make fools idiots and biomass of Donbass" in the hope of Irina Lutsenko would pass these ideas to her husband. Pay attention to black propaganda suggested by Natalia Gumenyuk: to state to Donbass citizens on behalf of DNR "we killed 10 civilian residents accidentally but we suppose their families will forgive us…". But she can’t stop, one mad idea changes another:

And these are the ideas of subversive actions directly in Russia: "Say loudly in public transport that Putin wants to use nuclear weapons for Novorossia sake"…

N. Gumenyuk is sure for some reason that "Ukrainian IT-specialists are the smartest ones" and that is why they have to "send idiotic spam on behalf of DNR". The example of such spam is proposed: "Yes, we are not able to feed so many people, that's why we kill some part of them, sorry".

Everything N. Gumenyuk proposes she calls "the method of U-turn of Donbass people brains"

Journalist Gumenyuk is sure that there are two ways to end the war: "to kill Putin" (she even knows the best time for this action – during his trip to Minsk) or to yield Russia "the Donbass idiots".

N. Gumenyuk agrees in this letter that innocent people would suffer if Putin was killed but it would be "in the name of peace"!

What does Irina Lutsenko think concerning this delirium? Let us remind that she is not only a politician and a people’s deputy but also the spouse of ex-minister of interior affairs, now leader of presidential group in Rada and the trusted Poroshenko's ally Yuri Lutsenko.

Irina Lutsenko sincerely thanks "the humanist" N. Gumenyuk for "inflexible attitude"! She writes: "Your thoughts and ideas are absolutely right, a lot of people share them, so I'm going to promote them among as wide number of people as posible".

On February 23, 2015 Natalia Gumenyuk wrote a large text with the name «Why did we decide that some other people live in Donbass» for "The New Time" journal. Here is the quotation from it:

"We are hurt when we are called the fascists but very quickly we caught Russian propaganda that some specific people live in Donbass and all of them want to join Russia. All of us suffer from the lack of logic concerning the events in the East. We say that the residents of Donbass Region have chosen this scenario themselves and simultaneously we insist that they are the victims of propaganda. What's the truth: the first or the second?"

We, CyberBerkut, affirm that lie and duplicity, hate and anger, bigotry and arrogance, baseness and treachery became the leading factors of up-to-day Ukrainian policy and journalism. All it became normal for the current elites in Kiev. Evidences are enough. We've shown only the less part of them.

In the nearest future CyberBerkut will keep on disclosing the inner documents of the Ministry of Information Policy of Ukraine and e-mails of its staff.

The archives of massages you can download here:


We are CyberBerkut! We will not forgive! We will not forget!


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